Monday, June 7, 2010

Ethiopia: Days 2 and 3

Our second day in Ethiopia was a Sunday. The woman who runs our guesthouse (an amazing woman who I will write about later) took us to church that morning with her family. What an experience! The building that holds their services was small and old, but has been added on to what looks like multiple times. Even though we could not understand a word that was spoken or sung that morning, it was obvious that the people there were truly thankful for their salvation, and their Savior. It made me think about how unthankful we are as Americans. We have everything, yet we long for more. These people have nothing - materially - but lay it all down to worship their Lord. They freely worshipped without worry of their neighbors. They danced, clapped, and sang loudly...and even let out what sounded like tribal calls - something I have never heard in my church! It was an unforgettable morning.
As we waited to leave that morning, Luke held a very sleepy Zemma. She fell asleep in his arms, and remained asleep throughout the entire service. So precious!

Our third day there was spent at our agency's office filling out Zemma's Visa paperwork, and meeting with Zemma's social worker and nurse from the orphanage. It was very obvious from meeting with these ladies how loved she was while there. They told us a little bit about her time there and answered our questions. I cried as I gave them their thank you gifts. We are so thankful for the people who cared for our daughter during the past few months!

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