Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Adoption Cookbooks!!!

Our cookbooks are finally in!!!! All 330 of them!!!! If you want one, send me an email at or contact me on facebook.
Thank you to everyone who sent me recipes, gave me ideas, or kept me accountable in getting them done! We are so blessed!

Christmas Party

Every year we have a Christmas party with all of the kids that I watch. Here are some pictures from 2009.
We made snowman ornaments...

The older kids all made "cake in a cup" gifts to give to someone...

We played a "find the candycane" game, and read the meaning of the candycane...

We acted out the nativity...boy, was that fun...

Maddie, as "The Angel" and Cora as "Mary"...

And we exchanged gifts!

Search and Find

Our little Madelynn is learning how to spell....See if you can find some of the words that she is teaching herself. (*I promise she did this all on her own, these are not things that I am encouraging*)

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Luke and I met while in school at SBU. We have one beautiful daughter Maddie, who is 5. Currently we are beginning the process of adopting a child, or children from Ethiopia. The Lord has blessed our family in so many ways and we are forever thankful.