Sunday, June 27, 2010


There is a lot going on in the Brosius family right daughter, and now new house (or basement for now - we're living with Lukes parents for awhile...)!
We found out right before our vacation that Luke has been given the head coaching position at a 5A school in Topeka. Needless to say, he is pumped...and overwhelmed/intimidated :) So, in late July we will be packing up and heading to Kansas! We are excited to see where the Lord brings us from here on out. We are looking forward to being near to so much family. But we are also mourning this life that we love and are so comfortable with. We will miss our friends, and my sister and brother in law who live right down the street, as well as our church. But we are confident that this is where the Lord is leading and trust that He has us in His hands.

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Addie Walters said...

Congrats to Luke! That's so exciting about the new position - I'm sure he's going to do great. And your family is so gorgeous!

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