Monday, September 14, 2009

"I think He'll say yes."

Last week Cael - one of Maddies' best friends asked Jesus to come into his heart. This has sparked a lot of questions from Maddie. That day, while sitting down at dinner (Luke was not home) she began asking "when can I ask Jesus into my heart?" Obviously, I did not want it to happen while Luke was away so I began asking questions about her reasoning behind wanting to do it. I really wanted to make sure that 1. she understood what it meant 2. that she wasnt just following Cael and 3. that she wasnt just trying to please Luke or I. The conversation that followed was absolutely precious:

me: Why do you want to ask Jesus into your heart?
mad: umm...because I really want to be looks like a lot of fun.
me: Asking Jesus into your heart is not just about being baptized. When you make that decision, I want you to do it because you love God and because you want Him to be the boss of your life.
mad:...okay then, I love him and I want him to be the boss of my life!.....And mom, I just really love God and I think He is my favorite boy in the world.

Okay, so this conversation left me a little confused. I know that she loves God...or what she knows of Him, but I still wasnt convinced that she totally understood. We ended up telling her that we would pray and talk and read about this for the next few days, and then we would sit down as a family and talk some more about the decision. Mostly because I wanted to see if her excitement fizzled, or if she was still adament about it....I prayed that the Lord would make it clear to Luke and I whether or not she was ready and whether it was the Holy Spirit prompting her. And He did just that! Maddie asked about it all week, she told everyone she knew that she was going to ask Jesus into her heart. By the time we sat down on Sunday night, and Luke read from Romans - asking questions as we went along - She knew the answers. They were real, and honest, and from her heart. We prayed together when we got done, and Maddie is now a new creation in Christ! We are so proud, and thankful for the way the Lord is already working in her life! On Sunday afternoon before our talk, I had one other sweet conversation with her that I wanted to share.:

Mad: mom, am I going to get to ask Jesus into my heart today?
me: when we get home we are going to sit down with Daddy and talk more about it.
Mad: and then I can ask Him into my heart?
me: Mommy and Daddy are going to talk to you about some things, and read some more in the Bible about what it means and then if you are ready and you still want to do it, then yes we will pray and ask Him
Mad: Okay....Mom, I think He'll say yes because He really loves me.

It's very simple. It doesnt get any sweeter than that. :)

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