Thursday, March 11, 2010

Seeing Her Face

After verbally accepting this referral, they told us that we would be emailed her detailed information and some pictures. They called us that evening to tell us it had been sent. I had just jumped in the shower when Luke got that phone call. So, while washing my hair I hear Luke yelling, "They're here!!! They're here!!! Get out of the shower!!!" I jumped out immediately, (wet and soapy) threw on a towel, and huddled around the computer with Luke and Maddie.
I knew from other peoples experiences with seeing their childs picture for the first time, that it was possible we may not feel an instant bond or attachment. This wasn't our experience. We saw that face, and knew she was the daughter that God had planned for our family. She is beautiful, and most definitely "precious" as had been described by our caseworker.
Zema, we already love you, even though we know very little about you. We can't wait to meet you, to bring you home, and to have you in our lives as our daughter and Maddie's sister. And we are so ready to see that face in person, cause we have barely taken our eyes off of the two photos that we have of you!

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Luke and I met while in school at SBU. We have one beautiful daughter Maddie, who is 5. Currently we are beginning the process of adopting a child, or children from Ethiopia. The Lord has blessed our family in so many ways and we are forever thankful.