Thursday, March 11, 2010

The Call - Part 2

As I mentioned in my prior post, this child, as far as I was concerned was already ours. Luke, on the other hand was not instantly convinced... I immediately called him after getting off the phone with our agency and breathlessly explained what I had just been told. Of course, I was expecting a similar reaction to what I was feeling. I should know my husband better than that though...His response was exactly what I should have known it would be: Logical. He kept on saying, but Laura we've been planning on siblings this whole time...that is what we wanted...we've waited this long, we should keep on waiting. We ended the conversation deciding that we would take the day to pray about it (keeping in mind that Luke was in school all day surrounded by a bunch of needy punks....amazingly he did find time to spend with the Lord). I then called my caseworker back to let her know where we were at and ended up learning some more about the situation. I found out from this conversation that the child in question was a little girl, around 2, and absolutely precious (true). She also informed me that there were 7 other adoptive families ahead of us in the process who were also wanting siblings, but that Luke and I were the couple that was chosen for this child. They had asked us first. Wow. Well, to make a long story (somewhat) short, Luke had been praying all day that the Lord would show him a sign and make this decision clear to us. This was the sign he needed. As soon as I told him what our agency had said about us being the first match to this child, he knew. She was ours.
Another lesson that the Lord has taught us through the past few years: He is in control. We might think we know what we want. We might think we know what is best for us. We thought siblings was His plan for our family. We thought that was what we wanted. But, we also would have never in a million years imagined that adoption would be such a passion in our hearts. It was not what we all. Thank you Lord that you know what we need, you know what is best, and even though we are at times stupid and ignorant; you remain faithful to us.

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