Saturday, March 6, 2010

The Call

Most of you reading this have probably already heard the story of our referral day...If you have, this entry isn't for you. It's for Zema. I want her to someday be able to read, if she ever doubts it, how much we wanted, longed for, and prayed for her. Zema, we love you so much and we will never forget the day that God brought you into our family...
First of all, as I mentioned before nowhere in our wildest dreams did we imagine getting a referral this soon. Our agency had told us that the wait time was somewhere between 12-15 months from the time all of our paperwork was turned it. As you can see from the ticker up top, we were still a good 5 months away from even the low end of that estimation. So this news came as a complete shock to us.
Thursday morning was when I received the call. I was doing laundry and didnt hear the phone ring, but did hear the answering machine beep. I went back to the bedroom, and the message said, "Laura, this is A from Bethany and I just needed you to call me when you get a chance." Now, at this point in our process there is no real reason for communication by phone with our case worker, and I knew that. So immediately my heart stopped....not only that but I was on the verge of heart attack...shaking (literally), heavy breathing, seriously I almost vomited because I was so excited. So, I kind of floated to my files to find a phone number to call her back on. Has it ever happened to you, when something unbelievable happens and you literally have to pinch yourself to make sure that you are awake? I had seen that happen to people on movies before, but never actually experienced it myself. It just seemed to surreal. I mean I had played this moment over and over again in my head, but now was it actually happening? I began to second guess the reason for the call...maybe she just had a paperwork question for me...
When A and I finally got ahold of each other, this was what was said " Hi Laura, I had a question for you," *oh shoot, she seriously just had a question for me!?* "I just was contacted by our Ethiopia coordinator and I know you and Luke and wanting siblings but apparently there are several young single children (2 and under) who are needing placements right now and we were wondering if you guys might be interested?" *um yes, I am half way to Ethiopia right now!...* But I responded, " wow, well I will have to talk to Luke tonight so we can pray about it together, but I will call you back tomorrow." However, A said "well actually is there anyway you can let us know today, because there is a specific situation that we need to know an answer to today.?"
As I am typing this, I'm realizing what a long story this is all typed out! I will finish the rest in a part 2 post....


Grace said...

I just now read your e-mail! This is super exciting! I love hearing your reaction...I could picture it all...even the look on your face when you thought you might vomit :)

Congrats on your new little blessing!


Tim and Sherri said...

I love this post. Zema is one lucky girl. It's so awesome how God gives us so much more than we could ask or imagine. I can't wait for her to join her forever familiy.

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