Friday, May 14, 2010

One Week From Now...

It is hard to believe in just 7 days Luke and I will be holding our baby girl. We got the call yesterday saying that our embassy date has been scheduled for May 25, and that we need to get there on or around the 20th! Thats ONE week to prepare, pack, arrange tickets, hotels, donations, and funds! SO exciting! that we have our invitation to travel, I thought I would post a few pics of our Zemma. Unfortunately, the pics that we have are not compatible with downloading them here, so I had to take a picture-of a picture. But, if you can not tell because of the blurriness - let me tell you, she is beautiful! :)


Grace Wheeler said...

I already read this on Facebook, but reading this post made me CRY! I can not believe you will have her in YOUR arms in ONE WEEK!

I know this time may be a bit stressful in getting all the plans arranged, but remember to not be dismayed...the Lord is with you and will walk you through every step, reservation and fund need!

He's been reminding me how He is our LIGHT...he'll be on the path ahead...even where it looks a bit "dark" and unknown right now, He'll be there to light your way!


the broomes said...

I. LOVE. ZEMMA. ...and her sister, mommy, & daddy too. I'm so excited for the weeks ahead...and praying daily for travel details. LOVE you!

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