Friday, May 7, 2010

Last week we received an update on Zemma, including lots and lots of pictures (which, unfortunately I can not share). Every update that they send provides lots of info, as well as pictures of her reading books, performing new skills, or interacting. Here are some things that this update included:
-Zemma's gross motor development is excellent. She can walk, run, jump up, and balance on one foot (there is an adorable pic of her doing this!).
- her fine motor development is good. She can build a tower of 4 blocks, take off shoes and socks.
-Zemma is now doing wonderful. She has started playing with the social workers (these were their words, and such a blessing to this mothers heart to hear that she is doing "wonderful"!)
- She is doing good since coming to the orphanage in her person/social /emotion skill. And is now giving hugs and kisses to her caregivers and is more playful (also their words).
-(this is my favorite of the update) Luke and I were able to send a small book containing pictures of our family for Zemma to look at while there. One of the pictures was of Zemma looking at that book and pointing to her Daddy. Seeing that was one of the first times that this whole thing has felt actually real to me. We've waited and prepared and dreamed and even seen her little face, but that picture was so special for me to see, and it made me actually feel like she is ours. God is so faithful and gracious to us. Zemma is a reminder of those characters of our Father. I pray that we always remember the ways that He has blessed this family!
Pictures of the book we sent (some of them upside down apparently...)

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ryanbrown1990 said...

Laura this is ryan brown im trying to get ahold of coach b dog but im afraid i dont have his number anymore i was wanting to use him as a reference and was wondering what your address is now and just talk to him see how everythings going thanks ryan:)

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