Friday, April 9, 2010

Black Cherry...

AHHH...As some of you know, I made the mistake of coloring my hair this past week. 2 boxes of color later, this is what I ended up with : (*The only reason that I post these gosh awful pictures is because my older sister - who is supposed to be here to walk me through these kind of crisis lives a whole 1/2 country away...These are for you, Lindsey :)
Moral of the story: Don't dye your hair, but if you do - don't do it yourself!


Rhianna Garber said...

it kinda matches your least in the picture it does.

shelly said...

i like it! honestly...i mean, i wouldn't have gone to all the trouble of posting a comment if i didn't really mean it :)

the broomes said...

oh comeonnow--first of all: it does look good! I like it a lot from the pictures...I don't how you always look great with darker hair and I look completely washed out...and secondly: we both very well know that I AM NOT the one to help you through a hair crisis!!! I am the queen of hair catastrophes!!! Love you dear sister...can't wait to see you in three weeks...and I too wish that we didn't live 1/2 a country away:(

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