Thursday, July 23, 2009

5 Already??!!!!??

Our Big 5 Year Old!!!
Maddies' Princess Castle Cake

Today is my beautiful Maddie Grace's 5th birthday. 5?...5 just sounds so big! Last night, as we were lying in bed tucking her in we talked and prayed about all of the big things that year number 5 might hold for her...For one, she will be starting preschool for the first time - she is thrilled...I am slightly less than thrilled...I also convinced her in this conversation that 5 year olds no longer whine. She believed me too, and even reminded me of it today in a situation where younger 4 year old Maddie might have whined. (we'll see how long this lasts :) We then talked about how she may just become a big sister this year...the most exciting of all of these by far (yes, even more exciting than the whole no whining thing!) Maddie will be such a wonderful big sister. She is nurturing, and compassionate, and so in tune with others needs. I can not wait to watch her dive into this new role! As we prayed about all of these big milestones, I was reminded of how proud we are of the young lady she is becoming, and know she will conquer them all with grace. Happy birthday Madelynn!!! We love you!!!


brittany said...

Happy birthday to Maddie! Can't believe she's 5! She's darling. I hope you all are doing well. Send me a message sometime and let me know how the adoption is going. Praying for you!

Rhianna Garber said...

I know we said it last night, but thanks for being such good friends. We love you guys. Happy Birthday Maddie!

Chris and Anna said...

Oh, she is so beautiful...her gentle and sweet personality just shines even through her pictures. we are looking forward to spending time with you all soon. any adoption news?? praying for you all! we so appreciate your excitement for us and going to get our means so much!!

the broomes said...

Oh how I LOVE that little 5 year old girl!!!! And I agree, she will be the BEST big sister ever!!!!

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