Thursday, June 4, 2009

Week in St. Louis

While in St. Louis this week, I got several things accomplished... First of all, I was able to see my sister and neice and nephews! We have missed them so much, and enjoyed spending a couple of days with them! The Broome kids are a ton of fun, all three of them have these infectious personalities - We wish they lived closer!!!!

This past week we also completed our dossier, so I was able to hand deliver it to our agency! This is such a load off of my mind, to know that it is completely in the Lords hands and off of my chest! As I was looking over my calendar of adoption timeframe, I saw that this process of paper work has taken us almost exactly 6 months. Apparently this is pretty average for an international adoption, but my goal was 4....oh well!

The last thing of the week was a trip to an authentic Ethiopian restaurant....Unfortunately, Luke had already traveled back home - he would have really provided the entertainment of the evening, as he is not exactly an adventurist when it comes to food! However, we still had a great time. The food was.......interesting.......different........not exactly what we are used to. They served everything to us on these big tortilla like pieces of "bread." Now, this "bread" was actually more like a yeasty, spongey, almost breathing, flat tortilla. It had a sour taste, and obviously a weird texture. We asked our waitress how they make it and it is actually fermented and steamed....Anyway, you don't use any silverware, so you break off the "bread" and grab your food with that. Like I said, this was quite an experience for all of us with Maddie and Lindseys three children! The only thing that kept them from throwing fits about the food was that we kept reminding them that Ted Drews (ice cream) was right down the street :)

Needless to say, I will not be serving authentic food from our childrens homeland - however, we will go back someday with our family to that restaurant just so they can have a little reminder of what Ethiopia tastes like.....and I will just keep reminding myself that Ted Drews is right down the street :)

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shelly said...

i have to say, that after reading the food descriptions, i'm kinda glad i had to head back to kc :)

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