Wednesday, May 6, 2009

I miss my cousins....

Yesterday at the lunch table Maddie and the children that I watch were having a deep conversation about heaven and hell (which started when Maddie quoted a line from a movie about God damning you to hell when you die if you don't believe in the was a kids movie, I promise!) The others starting naming off all of the pets that they want to see someday in heaven.....scooter, buddy, get the picture. I could see Maddie over there racking her brain with someone that she was longing to see someday in heaven, and was just sure that she was going to say Molly - my parents dog who died this year. Instead, she said something much sweeter and thoughtful and I have to say I completely hear her and agree. She said very reverently, "I want to see Joshua, my cousin in heaven someday." Her friends quickly asked, "well is he dead?" And she answered sadly "no, he just lives really far away."
I have to say Lindsey and Fred, when your niece can't decifer between dead and living really far away....thats a problem :) Time to move back to the midwest :)......

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carol prosser said...

Yes, they do live too far away! Hopefully we will see them several times this summer! I'm looking forward to lots of cousing time with my grandchildren!

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