Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Home Study Packet Complete!!

Time to start blogging again! We are so excited today, we finally sent our home study packet in to our agency!! This is a big step, as the packet was quite large. For those of you who are not familiar with the process, the home study packet consists of medical examinations, fingerprinting (for the FBI and Missouri), lots of signing and initialing, self studies for both Luke and I (about 12 pages of intense questions about our childhood, families, marriage, children, and views on adoption), consent to release forms, etc...As I said, it was a lot of work but so worth it as it gets us closer to bringing our little one or ones home. The next step will be to set up our home study visit/ interview. From what I understand, a social worker will come to our home and evaluate our home life, as well as talk to Luke and I together and separately. After that report is complete, we will begin to compile our dossier....more details to come....


the broomes said...

Yay!!! We continue to pray for ya'll as you walk through this process!!! We can't wait to see what precious child(ren) God has chosen to add to the Brosius family!

Tricia Skiljan said...

So excited for you! I am a friend (and admirer) of your Mom from Bonhomme. She gave me your blog because we are also adopting a child from Ethiopia. I always enjoy talking with people on the same journey to their little one. Please email me if you want to "compare notes" or have any questions.

Tricia Skiljan

The McCullahs said...

I picture tagged you! Check my blog for instructions!

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